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Winter Health Tips for Aerialists

Working out in Winter can be a bit of a chore. Especially when cuddles, hot chocolates and lazy weekends are in, and bright, perky busy early mornings are out.

So when you do eventually make it to your second home *cough* local aerial studio of choice, you need to make your time there count. Here’s how.

Take Your Time

It’s hard to get moving in general in Winter, so try and give yourself an extra 10-15 mins either side of your class to arrive and soak up the atmosphere and get motivated to begin. Find inspiration in other classmates, or check out some new products at the studio.


Warm up Properly

Jogging and squats on the spot in front of your pole don’t count. Sorry guys. While it may JUST pass as a warm up in the Summer heat when you’re already sweating, that’s just not going to cut it in Winter. You need to be actually running around properly, star jumping, mountain climbing, duck walking, arm rotating, 1980’s aerobics, dynamic stretching your way through your warm up, and THEN jumping on the pole/lyra.

Injuries can happen more frequently during Winter due to cold muscles so it’s really important to take your time doing a solid warm up to make sure your muscles are awake. Perhaps even aim to get to your class a little earlier and start warming up  on your own before class starts. Speaking of which….

… Don’t Stretch Cold Muscles

It’s not going to have the same effect and you could hurt yourself. Stretching involves a temporary lengthening of muscle fibres. You should partake in stretching after warming up, but if you stretch too much before, just imagine trying to stretch an already tight rubber band – you run the risk of snapping it! Apply this theory when you’re stretching.

For getting into more flexy stretches, like splits and back bends, you’re better off waiting until after class and incorporating this into your warm down when you’re completely warm.

14-cleaning-pole-dance-poles-webClean Your Pole!

This is more a general courtesy for everyone who participates in pole at all times, but even more applicable when there are Winter bugs going around. While everyone appreciates a nice warm pole in Winter, no one likes jumping on a pole that the previous owner has left their leftover grip and sweaty hands all over. It’s not cool and contributes to germ and bugs spreading around. Try and make it a thing at the end of your class to wipe down your pole with a cloth and some spray so that it’s greets it’s next dance partner looking and feeling it’s best. In the words of L’oreal, “Because you’re worth it”. We like ITAC Pole Cleaner.

Don’t Stress If you’re Slipping Off

It’s super hard to grip on a cold pole. We’ve all been there. But the good news is that it doesn’t take long to warm it up. You can do a few climbs, practice some spins – wherever your body is constantly touching the pole, the more it’s going to warm up. It’s tempting while in class to practice a couple of tricks and decide you’re done and watch someone else do theirs, but while that is happening, your pole is getting cold again – so keep at it! Think of the cold pole needing to be made warm as motivation to practice new tricks! Imagine how awesome you’ll be and the progress you’ll make over Winter!! If you’re still struggling though, perhaps some Dew Point Pole Grip might assist you.ORIGINAL__50666_zoom


But not too much! The Winter air is going to dry your skin out a fair bit which also makes for making pole a little difficult. Some moisturisers can be a little too greasy and even when applied the night before your lesson, they can still leave a residue and leave you being a little too slippery for class. The good news is that in addition to making sure that you’re keeping hydrated, you can moisturise with Pole Physics! Pole Physics is a specially formulated moisturiser specifically for pole dance addicts, and offers up silky hydrated skin that won’t stop you from climbing and gripping the pole.

You can pick up some Pole Physics by CLICKING HERE.

Rug Up To Go Home

Running to your car in pole shorts and bare feet might seem like a good idea at the time, but you won’t be laughing when you’re tucked up in bed with a chesty cough sipping lemon tea. Wearing warm clothes into and out of class will help your muscles recover properly and keeping warm will assist in preventing you from developing head colds and flus. And head colds and flus mean time away from the pole, and ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Get some Leg Warmers in case your long pants are in the wash, and some Fisiocrem to assist with your sore muscles.



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