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Sarah’s Pole Story

AAA-webFirst to introduce myself, Sarah aka Miss Fit is living proof that pole dancing is all about attitude and not about age! Only discovering pole dancing when over 40, I found my niche straight away and rapidly progressed up through the levels. This was without a background in dance or gymnastics, just an enjoyment of exercise. One day in 2007 I had an epiphany with my amazing partner John, and we decided to set up our own location, thus the first Miss Fit Dance Studio was born.

Eight years later, the Miss Fit “empire” has expanded to 3 locations, 4 studios, a teaching team of 12 and around 350 students each term. Running the studios and teaching pole fitness keeps me very fit, happy and energized. Realizing the life changing and extremely positive impacts that pole dancing has on the lives of so many women is one of the most rewarding aspects the Miss Fit adventure. It has also allowed me to successfully change careers from veterinarian to full time studio director and pole instructor!Smiling-Flyer-web

I love the challenge of continual self-improvement and I have performed at the Encore Sydney Pole Shows and I am the hostess and regular performer at their studios Grad Nights. Miss Fit is a certified Advanced Fly Gym teacher and graded as an Advanced Pole Fitness Teacher by the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association – IPDFA. I have successfully completed the ElevatED Instructor Training under the guidance of Marlo Fisken (USA). As the master teacher at our studios, I need to ensure that we exceed international best practice principles with our curriculum and teacher standards.

Away from the studios, Sarah works as a veterinarian consulting on animal welfare issues and is the mother of two sensational young men embarking on their university studies and world travel.
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