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Review – Fisiocrem

Regular Grip And Squeeze readers will know I’ve just come off a five month injury. I did a pretty decent job tearing the ligaments around the inner part of my right elbow. – Medial Epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow; I think we should seriously investigate having that renamed to Poler’s Elbow.

During the five month recovery I’ve not been able to pole, no lifting things with my right hand, and trying to rest it as much as I could… which is a nightmare when you are right hand dominant, seriously dominant.

Part of my treatment regime included massage, icing, gentle stretching, and at one point dry needling. Over the course of the five months one treatment was a constant because it helped so much, and that was the use of fisiocrem.

Apart from poling, blogging, crappy selfie taking, and occasional bursts of awesomeness, I’m a football (soccer)/futsal mum and a dance mum. Muscular injury, muscular aches, and the associated pains are nothing new in my household.

For many years we’d used a different product that enabled you to smell us before we arrived, cleared out your sinus passages quick smart, made you feel as though your skin was on fire, and occasionally would somehow end up in your eyes, even after you thoroughly washed your hands, twice.

Fisiocrem is almost the opposite. The smell is subtle, which is nice if you’re still trying to live a life away from any sort of poling or sport scene. You can actually smell your perfume/manfume and not be overwhelmed by the smell of the cream.

With fisiocrem you don’t feel as though your skin is melting into your muscles from the heat. Sometimes I get a gentle warming sensation in my muscle, sometimes it’s a cool sensation. I don’t know why there is a difference or what causes it, its luck of the draw but neither is unpleasant or makes you feel uncomfortable.

The makers do tout the natural ingredients; it is free of hydroxybenzoates and parabens, and delivers a high level of active plant extracts. I’m fortunate to not be affected by any sensitivity to ingredients, but holistically I can see this as a bonus. No nasty’s to worry about if you do end up using it over the longer term as I have and continue to do.

I do find it great to help with relieving that muscular ache we’re notorious for getting from overuse or fatigue.

It’s easy enough to use. Apply a generous amount, half to one teaspoon, and gently massage in to the affected area a few times a day. With my footballer son I generally back this up with icing, my dancer daughter usually gets a leg massage applying it to the achy muscle underneath the massage oil. Both kids prefer it to any other ones we’ve used in the past.

One tip, I do keep mine in my poling bag and find it nice to massage in the sore muscle prior to my long’ish drive home.  

Thank goodness for my poling bag, hides all my ‘need’ stuff.
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