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Daisy’s Pole Story

The oldest pole photo of me I can find - you can tell the age by how small my stilettos were?!

The oldest pole photo of me I can find – you can tell the age by how small my stilettos were?!

I started pole in approx 2004. My sister and I had heard that someone had just opened a pole dancing studio in the heart of Sydney city – and we were both really curious and excited. I was intrigued because all of the teachers were professional showgirls – and belonged to part of a world that was completely different to my telecommunications marketing management dreary office life. I still remember my first class. I couldn’t do anything! – But I did get my feet off the floor in one spin and rushed home to tell my boyfriend that “I was a mtha fcking pole dancer!!”

I used to hang off EVERY word my teachers would say. I loved being at the studio at every available moment, and at times i would book my work calendar out at lunch so I could do a class and then watch my teacher perform at the local club! haha.

I have a background in dance when I was really young, and later taught aerobic dancing, but this…… this was something else. I found pole really hard, but realised it was SO rewarding nailing each trick and routine, that I never considered missing a term – I just continued to sign up each term.

An early teaching photo

An early teaching photo

A few really hard personal things happened to me over that first 2 years, and I found amercing myself in my pole hobby really helped. It also made my self confidence grow. I started to realise that women of all ages, shapes and sizes were all beautiful, and not just a certain idea of one that I had. It was just a few hours a week that was totally ME time. I could lose myself and even become someone I wasn’t for those hours.

Shortly after I was asked to teach and even though I was in complete shock and it was the most petrifying moment, it was an opportunity that was too good to be true. I had to swallow my anxiety and step up. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I continued to teach at that beautiful studio for about 7 years. Some of the most fun I have ever had – and I am grateful for that opportunity and everything I learned every day. Pole has taken me to the finals of competitions, overseas as a showgirl, and to many studios as a teacher and workshop host. It has been hard work – but one of pure passion.

Grown up pole dancer - Performing in a club!

Grown up pole dancer – Performing in a club!

For me, its not just about the tricks. The tricks are amazing! – but I love the dancing. I love performing. I love the costumes. I love the shoes. I love the way it makes you feel when you put all this together. That’s the important part, and to share that and open a warm, non-intimidating space to share that with other women was my goal. To make a home away from home for them. I hope I have done this at The Peach Pole Studio.

The Peach Pole Studio

The Peach Pole Studio

It was never originally my idea to open a studio. How would I ever stay on top of all those crazy tricks I needed to teach?! There are also already so many! My partner encouraged and supported me and we decided to do it together. We chose the central coast, as we loved the area, and the beaches, and I wanted to bring the ‘sexy’ pole dancing along. Surely there would be some lovely ladies who would love to keep fit and feel good about themselves like I did all those years ago!

We are about to launch the Central Coasts first pole show called ‘Sexy’s Back!’ – with competitors from The Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. This comp is about the shows as well as the tricks. A way for competitors to showcase what their interpretation of ‘sexy’ is. Pole has totally evolved over time.

Competing at the finals of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014

Competing at the finals of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014

There are many different styles, and even though ‘sexy’ style often gets a bad wrap – I still concede that it is one of the styles that makes you feel the best – where you can totally lose yourself and find yourself all at once. I like all the pole styles, but sexy style will always be my favourite. “Stay Sexy” and “just be you” are my favourite mottos.

Do you have a favourite pole style? Comment below and tell us more! Better still – if you’d like to share your story and what pole or aerials has done for you, email mystory@polesister.com.


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