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6 Products Every Pole Dancer Should Own 

You’ve done a few pole classes, you’re feeling good, strong and confident. Go you good thing!

It’s time to step it up. But in order to step up your pole game, you’re going to need these things in your life to help maintain your body, and keep you on point!

1) Stretch Bands

Stretch bands are great to help with warming up shoulders, provide resistance training for arms and legs (think strengthening hip flexors), and fantastic for helping you reach your feet when you’re trying to mould yourself into a new stretch or contortion pose. They save you looking awkward with random limbs flying everywhere! They are probably one of the most under rated pieces of equipment, they’re mega affordable, light as a feather and come in many resistances so you can use it as a recovery/flexibility tool, or as a workout tool to add a different dynamic to your workout or warm up.

2) Arnica Cream

For those who are not seasoned pole dancers, you’re probably getting bruises in awkward and hard to explain places.

fisiocrem-250ml-ou-60mlThere is nothing like walking around in your short shorts with your lover in summer with bruises under your arms and on the insides of your legs and feeling obligated to explain yourself to everyone who gives you a concerned look or a sneaky side glare. “It’s ok, I’m a pole dancer!”


NO MORE! We particularly like Fisiocrem for it’s additional therapeautic benefits as it also includes Arnica. Arnica is amazing – it assists in the breaking up of the blood clots around bruising and also reduces inflammation and assists with pain relief for things like joint pain and muscle sprain. Although as it’s a relation of the sunflower family, if you’re allergic to sunflowers, they say you’ll be allergic to this so, heads up.

3) Massage Balls


Great for getting into tight glutes, loosening hamstrings, rolling under your feet and also under your shoulders. If you’re having a particularly tight day and you’re finding it hard to get where you usually do in stretches, then these are a handy tool to bring out to work on sore spots and tricky knots.



For those looking for a bit of extra relief, the RumbleRoller Beastie Balls are a great option. Available in Original and X Firm varieties you can target tough trigger points with a little more than broad pressure, and allow them to do the hard work for you.

4) Rocktape

Fantastic for those who aren’t fans of the restrictions of regular rigid strapping tape. Rocktape is a type of Kinesiology tape and the theory is that rather than just providing support, the relief actually lies in the the positioning of the tape.

An example of how Kinesiology tape placement enhances blood flow to troubled areas to reduce inflammation.

An example of how Kinesiology tape placement enhances blood flow to troubled areas to reduce inflammation.


Kinesiology tape is designed to increase the blood flow to the problem area to aid in the removal of toxins, inflammation and bruising. A great option to use if you’ve not got arnica cream on you but also conveniently know how to position the tape. It’s also hypoallergenic and comes in a super range of funky colours so you can either stand out or blend in! If you’d like to try it, you can most likely chat to a local friendly physio near you.

ped-blue-6s-500-15) Foam Roller

I know what you’re thinking – it’s too bulky, I don’t like carrying them, I think I have one but it’s currently being used by my cat as a makeshift scratching post. Well, you better get a new one!

Did you know that regular use of foam rollers aids in speeding up recovery time, healthier muscles and greater flexibility? Use of a foam roller tends to be coined as SMR, or Self Myofascial Release – that is, self massage. By participating in regular SMR, either before or after exercise (whenever you’re already warmed up) you’re assisting your blood to flow through the muscles assisting once again, with lymphatic blood flow and toxin removal – which includes but is not limited to lactic acid. Once all that gunky stuff in your muscles is loosened up and released to be disposed of elsewhere, your muscles can focus on doing what they know best – which is allowing you to be able to move and bend freely and without pain.

IMG_0405IMG_04036) Alfie

Have you seen Alfie? Alfie was launched at last months Queensland Pole Championships and is Lou Landers latest product! With Alfie you’re able to attach your phone and position it either on a pole, at the top of your aerial hoop, to the back of a chair – basically wherever you’d be negotiating a stack of carefully placed books, shoeboxes or bulldog clips so that you can get the perfect angle for your aerial selfie.  Alfie is available exclusively via www.polefitnessworld.com so you can then accommodate all your aerial selfie needs.


Have we missed anything? What is in your pole bag that you can’t live without?

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